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SonicRituals // #RnDmRituals // #Pallab_OB

Blog, notes & songs by #Pallab Kakoti - digital marketing strategist at Hash Dash DGTL AGNC from New Delhi India. Hash Dash // #hshdsh // #Hash_Dash offers online marketing services for brands, start-ups & companies including UI/UX designs for websites, emails & social campaigns.

The Sabbath Years of Alimony

Posted on December 18 2011 by Ksetrajna Anjartesk in Uncategorized

From the depths of hell we have walked Risen from the ashes of the past of the dreams we have burned of the pain we have worn deeper than the depths of sodomy deep from the Sabbath years of alimony All the walks to this day as it rise and must we shall...

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