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Blog, notes & songs by #Pallab Kakoti - digital marketing strategist at Hash Dash DGTL AGNC from New Delhi India. Hash Dash // #hshdsh // #Hash_Dash offers online marketing services for brands, start-ups & companies including UI/UX designs for websites, emails & social campaigns.

blogs for bytes // #Blogs4Bytes What It Can Do for You?

Posted on June 7 2014 by Pallab Kakoti in blogs4bytes, blogs for bytes

blogs for bytes // dribbble.com/blogs4bytes

blogs for bytes // dribbble.com/blogs4bytes

blogs for bytes // #Blogs4Bytes What It Can Do for You?


Social Media Content Production & Delivery

Creating a buzz on Web 2.0 sites, posting on forums, social bookmark, products & site reviews, blog writing, posting & distribution across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more

Marketing content management for both online & offline marketing media variants like direct mail marketing & Newsletters as well as website & blog contents


Blogging Service Upcoming

  • Content for the existing web pages
  • Create new pages based on strategies that will be proposed for review & approval
  • Publish content for blog.yourwebsite.com
  • Social Media Network Campaigns with Blog posts
  • Integrate Blog post updates on the homepage for regular updates
  • Fresh content ensures fresh content delivery across the web & social media network
  • Fresh content ensure better page rank & lower bounce rates for repeat visitors
  • Engaging content, concept & design on homepage to captivate first time user visit experience
  • Identify more prime keywords and target content and mailers based on the same


Blogging Service Contribution

  • Regular Blog Post with Up to 4 posts a week assured
  • Every new post in-turn increases your web base for deeper penetration
  • Create Back links
  • Social Media Blog Post Distribution
  • Post article Publish Campaigning
  • Follow Up techniques using Google Alerts
  • Create Social Buzz using Social Media Moderation across various Networks
  • Submit regular online press releases
  • Low Cost Viral Techniques like refer friends, invite friends, etc


Newsletter Broadcast

  • Create content, concept & forthcoming updates


Email Campaigns

  • Create email campaigns at least twice a week assured
  • Campaign content & concept
  • Targeted Email Campaigning

SMS Mobile Campaigns

  • Create one liner SMS ad campaigns highlighting special offer & website link
  • Create targeted SMS mobile numbers campaigns


Blogs for bytes // #blogs4bytes How will it help you?

  • Generate web followers based from website promotion and content exchange
  • Regular Blog posts will increase your web presence & social media followers
  • Follow guided comment post back process recommended to attract & retain brand
  • Identify targeted industries for targeted email marketing & branding
  • Low cost viral techniques to create brand awareness

Blogsfor Bytes // #blogs4bytes What will you get?

  • Website Traffic & Social Media Followers
  • Blog Readers & Blog Subscribers
  • Newsletter Subscribers & Mailer Subscribers
  • Online Account Registrants & Online Buyers
  • Visibility across social network platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & more


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