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chains of misery

Posted on March 28 2011 by Ksetrajna Anjartesk in Uncategorized

The say that a tired man

have no place on a broken frame

where the old world shadow hangs around


Mad man laughing at the rain

for he cant find the difference in

the rain and the tears he's been shedding


Full moon on the velvet sky

and a curse from his weary soul

he is a dying man in shades of pain


Deep from the sands of time

the weeping boy is now a man

with little time for the old man and his dreams



With the tears in his frowning eyes

and the fear in a dying life

With the urge for another dawn

but the truth on the other side




Chains of misery

Dont sign that song any more

Chains of misery

Dont sing that song any more

Its been so long

since I ve been running away

from reality



Sometime he wants to live

sometimes he wants to die

and within them are the fears


Waiting for the holy call

from the land of the mortal souls

where the shades of time is eternity


And as he breaths with all this pain

he does whisper to the rain

can you wash the stains of my misery


But the fate of this tired soul

is being written by his own damn blood

so i try to creep while he weeps



repeat #

repeat ##


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