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Blog, notes & songs by #Pallab Kakoti - digital marketing strategist at Hash Dash DGTL AGNC from New Delhi India. Hash Dash // #hshdsh // #Hash_Dash offers online marketing services for brands, start-ups & companies including UI/UX designs for websites, emails & social campaigns.

Cradle of Love

Posted on September 6 2011 by Ksetrajna Anjartesk in Uncategorized


How it feels to be loved for all that you are

And not just love easy parts of what you are


Wide awake in the middle of the night

Waiting for the dawn flight into the light


So my blues fades in with the break of light

Dreams of the promises welcome the sight


She confides me with hope that I never had

Stood by me to be the man I never had



She’s all that I crave

She’s the cradle of love

Yeah she’s all that I have

She’s the cradle of my love



She’s the one drawing the lines of my destiny

And I m riding high on the wings of serenity


High up in the sky the raindrops are embracing

And the falling rain memoirs our days of romancing


Promises in her eyes hold me together

We walk the aisles to be in love forever


Whispering the winds of change to fly by

That tells me how much I love my cherry pie



She’s all that I need

She’ the cradle of love

You are all that I ever need

Yeah you are my cradle of love







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