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it happened to me courtesy Iron Maiden & EMI Music!

Posted on September 26 2010 by Ksetrajna Anjartesk in Uncategorized

Was following the latest maiden album from June itself online and then surprisingly got the limited edition vinyl record for the latest maiden album The Final Frontier at my doorsteps from the band officially on 22 August; Album release date was August 16 2010. Since I had no vinyl player, I wrote back stating the tragic end that I still have not been able to listen to the latest album tracks despite the vinyl possession. 

Last week I finally received the album on a CD on priority courtesy the band officially & EMI Music applauding my stand against music piracy! 

The vinyl record is going on eBay 10 years from now as a vintage release


but i doubt that today with just 38 views in total as of today dated 28 March 2011 at 1:35AM india time.


like i care!

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