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Blog, notes & songs by #Pallab Kakoti - digital marketing strategist at Hash Dash DGTL AGNC from New Delhi India. Hash Dash // #hshdsh // #Hash_Dash offers online marketing services for brands, start-ups & companies including UI/UX designs for websites, emails & social campaigns.

Report on Conference Transcription: Part 2 – Conference Transcription Operator Profiling

Posted on July 17 2012 by kingdevil

Conference transcription professionals must possess qualities to adept the linguistics of the Internet domain and employ digitally artistic skills in the conduct of converting audio conference recordings into digital content for the facilitation of knowledge and information based on the agenda of the conference events. Most advanced conference service providers would inculcate environs of state-of-the-art speech recognition technology based conference transcription software with the aid of recorded file formats.

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