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SonicRituals // #RnDmRituals // #Pallab_OB

Blog, notes & songs by #Pallab Kakoti - digital marketing strategist at Hash Dash DGTL AGNC from New Delhi India. Hash Dash // #hshdsh // #Hash_Dash offers online marketing services for brands, start-ups & companies including UI/UX designs for websites, emails & social campaigns.

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#actiontags @Chirpify #HashtagURLsForMarketing @Blogs4Bytes

Posted on January 23 2014 by Pallab Kakoti in native ads, hashtag URL marketing

#HasgtagURLsForMarketing are integrated within the editorial title content of native video ads using #actiontags @blogs4bytes @Chirpify @iChirpify Native Advertising Statistics from Pallab Kakoti Title: Hashtag URLs For Marketing Author: Pallab Kakoti...

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Native Video Ads: #HashtagURLsForMarketing

Posted on January 22 2014 by Pallab Kakoti in native ads

#HashtagURLsForMarketing or hashtag URLs has evolved for brands and in-stream ad feeds that matches the site aesthetics are trending. @blogs4bytes twitter feed, tweeting Tweet -- #Gimme #ChirpInfo to get a copy of our one-page --, Chirpify.com can give...

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