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SonicRituals // #RnDmRituals // #Pallab_OB

Blog, notes & songs by #Pallab Kakoti - digital marketing strategist at Hash Dash DGTL AGNC from New Delhi India. Hash Dash // #hshdsh // #Hash_Dash offers online marketing services for brands, start-ups & companies including UI/UX designs for websites, emails & social campaigns.

Top posts

  • #eGrocery // Zero hassles, automatic scheduled delivery, extra savings!

    07 July 2014 ( #online retail marketing )

    #eGrocery // Zero hassles, automatic scheduled delivery, extra savings! Branding of the products delivered, quality of the ordered items, friendly & courteous attitude of the delivery staff, easy online ordering & responsible customer support professionals...

  • #Mangalyaan This September 24, 2014 // Countdown Begins!

    30 August 2014 ( #Otin Flewer )

    Mangalyaan This September 24, 2014 // Countdown Begins for Mars Orbital Insertion via #hshdsh Countdown Clocks What You Need to Know about Mangalyaan, India’s First Mars Mission // Source Latest Updates from ISRO // Source Mars Orbiter Mission // Wiki Know...

  • What hashtag are you?

    08 June 2014 ( #hashtag URL marketing, #Hashtag Marketing )

    What hashtag are you? Four simple questions and you know what is your hashtag signature. To know more about hashtag signature check out: #HashtagSignatures for Branding What better to have to personalize social mentions with hashtag signatures anywhere...

  • Rendezvous with Mars – MAVEN enters orbit, Mangalyaan next on schedule!

    21 September 2014 ( #brag_eh )

    India’s Mars mission probe #Mangalyaan enter final phases as the countdown for mars orbital insertion starts on 24 September 2014 September 24 2014 7:30AM, Indian will become the first Asian country to send a probe to Mars and first to successfully complete...

  • From #TheTrooper to @SonicRituals via #HSHDSH

    31 December 2015 ( #sonic rituals, #sonicrituals, #hshdsh )

    What's Ahead in 2016? Revisiting memoirs of yesteryears as we charter ways for many years ahead of us. Inanities of branding & Oddity of Puzzling Diktats Start Up Maker for Car Pooling Predicament & Real Estate Inanities. Puzzling oddity Formula and Baffling...

  • #DGTLMRKTNG - Story of a Website by #plbkkt via #hshdsh

    22 May 2014 ( #Digital Marketing )

    #DGTLMRKTNG - Story of a Website by #plbkkt via #hshdsh #DGTLMRKTNG - Story of a Website http://t.co/CJStTmQz0Z // #plbkkt via #hshdsh // #content #optimization #analytics pic.twitter.com/y4A3n5iPsO — Pallab Kakoti (@blogs4bytes) May 22, 2014 hshdshDGTL...

  • Tattoos started with a scar. The Chieftain cult!

    18 September 2014 ( #Otin Flewer )

    An exclusive survey based study on the morals of acceptability socially & professionally to discover the perils of a tatted man! #plbkkt // @KingDevil with @OtinFlewer Graphics Rebound: Dribbble.com/blogs4bytes/buckets The Tattoo Survey // Your Opinion...

  • blogs for bytes // #Blogs4Bytes What It Can Do for You?

    07 June 2014 ( #blogs4bytes, #blogs for bytes )

    blogs for bytes // dribbble.com/blogs4bytes blogs for bytes on #hshdsh hashtag marketing driven by responsive parallax campaigns http://t.co/ZPco8mJWkg #plbkkt @kingdevil @sonicrituals — Pallab Kakoti (@blogs4bytes) June 6, 2014 blogs for bytes // #Blogs4Bytes...

  • First image from India's Mars Orbiter Mission "Mangalyaan" via #hshdsh

    31 August 2014 ( #Otin Flewer )

    First image from India's Mars Orbiter Mission "Mangalyaan" via #hshdsh // Credit ISRO First ever image of Earth Taken by Mars Color Camera aboard India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft while orbiting Earth and before the Trans Mars Insertion firing...

  • And When Reality Kicks In I See Vicious Turns Spinning

    28 December 2015 ( #sonic rituals )

    For all i am For what i am And for what i almost am And when reality kicks in I see the vicious turns spinning Round & round they just keep spinning Coz thats what they are meant to be So here i am like i ve always been no emotions and you feel no pain...

  • Slides in 2013 @ 4289 Views

    22 January 2014 ( #slideshare )

    How’s the score if it reads 4289 (the Titanic held that many people) profile views from a total of 7 slides (PowerPoint presentations). Some of the most viewed in 2013 includes 1420 views for India Internet Presence & Mobile Internet Usage Trend, 1172...

  • Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin

    28 July 2014 ( #RndmRituals )

    Well, he was kinda stokin' Spent most of his days just a ganja smokin' Three Little Pigs // Green Jelly Why don't you sit right back and I I may tell you a tale, a tale of 3 Little pigs and a big bad wolf Well, the first little piggy Well, he was kinda...

  • Native Video Ads: #HashtagURLsForMarketing

    22 January 2014 ( #native ads )

    #HashtagURLsForMarketing or hashtag URLs has evolved for brands and in-stream ad feeds that matches the site aesthetics are trending. @blogs4bytes twitter feed, tweeting Tweet -- #Gimme #ChirpInfo to get a copy of our one-page --, Chirpify.com can give...

  • Hashtag URLs for Marketing

    19 January 2014

    How to use Twitter Hashtags - #Hashtags are a way for people to search tweets that have a common topic and thus start on a conversation. How to use Facebook Hashtags - #Hashtag URLs are mentioned on profile posts, fan page posts, group posts, event posts...

  • Tiger Stripes on Saturns Moon

    05 April 2014 ( #Space )

    Evidence water is contained in 'tiger stripes' on one of Saturn's moons Enceladus. The amount of liquid on Enceladus would be somewhat similar to Lake Superior that has a volume of 12,000 cu km. An impression of the moon's interior with the water concentrated...

  • Redeemer Of Souls - Judas Priest // July 14 2014 // #hshdsh with #KingDevil

    29 April 2014 ( #RndmRituals )

    Redeemer Of Souls - Judas Priest // July 14 2014 // #hshdsh with #KingDevil at #SonicRituals // and the gods are back. Also Kill all the 94 dislikes on YouTube. Point Blank Range. Straying Bullets can Kill. Peace. #KingDevil In Metal We Trust. With Metal...

  • This is a Man in a Story

    20 May 2011 ( #Once upon a time, #relativism, #sonic rituals, #this is a man in a story, #Uncategorized )

    Once upon a time When I was living a lie And now it is up to me For the things that are meant to be Once upon a time I couldn’t even lie And now it is up to me For the things that are meant to be And these strings of memories escaping through the sands...

  • Parallax Campaigns

    26 April 2014 ( #blogs4bytes )

    Create a 3D one page parallax campaign; a parallax scrolling website that is responsive, search engine optimized & driven by strategic content marketing schedule. Hash Dash // #hshdsh - Digital Marketing Studio

  • Report on Conference Transcription: Part 2 – Conference Transcription Operator Profiling

    17 July 2012

    Teleconference transcription services unite remote conference attendees with previous virtual conference sessions or online meeting events by serving a greater quotient factor of converting conversational references into literary digital formats made...

  • Social Media Marketing 4 Lead Generation

    29 April 2012

    Social Media Marketing are scaling new heights for businesses with intuitive brand building & lead generation strategies using three primary platforms - Facebook.com, Twitter.com & LinkedIn.Com The following post discusses important agendas that marketers...

  • Multipoint Video Conferencing

    29 April 2012

    Web based multiparty video conference solutions uniquely deploy high-performance projectiles of new found power mergers for your business and the goal is to identify the structure of business units, be it SMB, SME or a large enterprise. In addition, rich...

  • Google Tools 4 Business - Google Alerts

    08 April 2012

    Google Alerts is a tool used by marketers to stay updated on brands, key industry terms & competitions Google Alerts lets you monitor desired keywords & business terms by sending you email message when these terms are being used across the web For example,...

  • Pinterest 4 Business

    26 November 2012

    Pinterest 4 Business Pinterest.com is a popular social network platform that "Pin" images or videos, allowing users to visually share, curate and unravel relevant information of interest. Users can paste a URL to fetch the visuals or upload images from...

  • Messaging Strategies 4 Engaging Social Media Fans

    17 July 2012

    The right content engaging context on your social networking profile is the key to optimizing your platform as the favourite place to be across your fans base and therefore the role of engaging messaging strategies is simply put second to none! Make your...

  • NASA Endeavors: Video Learning in Orbital Fixes Part 1

    14 April 2012

    How ironical will it sound if we argue that NASA needs conferencing technology like no other entity universally & definitively? It lays the foundation of conferencing to such heights that will inculcate a completely new dimension in the way we comprehend...

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